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The Seeds Of God In The Springtime


Everything has its season
In order for new growth
One day the beauty will be seen
From the seeds that God has sowed

For our lives are like a garden,
The planting of the Lord,
Sun and rain combine to bring
A bountiful reward

For seeds need God's nature
In order to produce
A beautiful, fragrant garden
Ready for kingdom use

At times, God needs to weed out
Ungodly things in us,
So nothing will come to threat
The sowing within He does

As we grow to our potential
In what God's given us,
We will be more effective
In the spreading of His love

And as we spread this seed
Of His love to other lives,
We will reap a mighty harvest
Of souls for Jesus Christ

Our lives forever changed
From what it was before,
The beauty produced in our lives
Is the reflection of the Lord.

By M.S.Lowndes

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