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Winter Snow


A winter wish is like a kiss upon a virgin cheek it softly woos
with words like jewels that brightly shine and speak. All around
its song resounds in notes of pure delight its message rings and
slowly brings a weary heart to flight.


What are these words, such blessed words, that underscore
the season? From long lost times, an ancient sign, that went
beyond all reason?


A Light came down, bowed to the ground, a quiet hush, a
swoon as lowly shepherds heard the news, angels sang their
sacred tunes.


A little Child was born, of humble estate, into a lowly
manger was sent forth from the heart of God, to save mankind
from danger. Oh, Savior mine, for all humankind, Christ freed us
from our sins the truest Love, given from above, new life is found
in Him. And so, my friend, my winter wish is truly, simply this
that you would know the love of God and live in everlasting bliss.

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